How to fall asleep when you are overthinking…

Have you ever lied in bed thinking and thinking and thinking only to realize that it’s 2:30 am and you can’t fall asleep 😴 I found an app that helped me with relaxing my mind and allowing a guided meditation to take over. It’s called Beditations. It’s a sleep and wake meditations app. I love it because it has many soundscapes like rain falls, nature sounds, and a few others that are pay to unlock. All the ones I have tried so far are SO tranquil. I used it last night and wow did I have a great sleep.

Journey to the ❤️

This little gem happened to fall in our hands one day during a yoga session. The beautiful way the author wrote the meditation inspired the day and resonated with us. It’s times like these when you are brought to your mat for some reason that the Universe hears you calling and placed words in your way to help you along your path. A must read 🤗