Only ONE You!

Ladies and gentlemen. We’ve all done it. Looked around at the male or female beside you and compared yourself to him or her. I think it’s a natural part of life but remember that God only made ONE of you. No two people in this world are alike. Each brings its own uniqueness to this world and each person has its own values that make them special.

Remember this when you feel like you are not enough cause you are MORE than enough and one day some lucky person will see the value of who you really are. X

The beauty of a Sunset

Ever look at the sunset and see how beautiful they actually are. The sunset to me represents peace, tranquility and beauty. There is something so calming about watching the sun set on a nice summer day.

The sun sets to mark the end of a day and the sun rise marks the beginning of a new day.

So remember when you’re having a hard day, look at the sunset and know that your day is coming to an end but a new sunrise awaits you tomorrow with new beginnings. X

Enjoy the lil things in life …

This saying could not be more true. Last night, I got the pleasure of spending the night listening to the crackling of the fire, the rustling of the trees, the feeling of soft wind against my face and a glass of perfectly poured red wine while my lil ones roasted their marshmallows on our fire table city style 😂

One has to always remember, enjoy the simplicities in life as these are the moments we create that last forever. X

How to fall asleep when you are overthinking…

Have you ever lied in bed thinking and thinking and thinking only to realize that it’s 2:30 am and you can’t fall asleep 😴 I found an app that helped me with relaxing my mind and allowing a guided meditation to take over. It’s called Beditations. It’s a sleep and wake meditations app. I love it because it has many soundscapes like rain falls, nature sounds, and a few others that are pay to unlock. All the ones I have tried so far are SO tranquil. I used it last night and wow did I have a great sleep.

Week of Reflection

img_3752Being in Vegas for a whole week on my own was a very interesting experience. I felt overwhelmed and alone. I realized quite quickly that what brings me the most amount of joy is not money, wealth, or work, it’s being around the people that love me who miss me when I am gone, who count down the minutes until we can be together alone. It’s those moments that bring value to my life and joy to my heart. I’m heading home now and am just so excited until I get to reunite with them once again – here I come my love, my family. Ahhh, so happy!! 😀

You are Enough

The love you have in your heart is yours to give. It’s a pure love that allows light to illuminate your world, give this freely without expectations, give it wholly without reservations and see what happens when you tell the people in your circle that you love them and that they are important. 

Love is abundant, because you are enough.